Armed and argumentative

Why would a staunch leftist feminist (me, not my avatar) have a SLaffair with an unrepentant capitalist narcissist? For one thing, his avatar turned me on. He was quite literally a colourful hypermuscular beast with a huge (but proportionate) co*k. (Of this I was reminded by a photo not for the squeamish or prudish.) For another, I like to fight. Wearing a flashy red knife in your hair—in your avatar’s hair, I mean—is like sporting a giant di*k. It signals the desire to enhance the courtship ritual with mental gymnastics and verbal sparring. At least I hope it does.

It’s ironic, but Portia looks most imperious when I’m feeling anti-imperialist. And this outit, Siniestra by Assuan, answered my craving when I wanted to find an inexpensive way to put potential suitors on notice. If I kit myself out in latex armour and wear a rather large knife in my hair it means that you’d better have the brain/balls to make it worth my while to draw that knife and (eventually) resheath it.

I’m just saying.

Credits to creators
outfit: Assuan, Siniestra (includes platform booties not shown)
jacket: SG, 4 Minute Jacket Black (50% off till close of store)
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Valah Dark Naked (former special edition)
lipstick: Plastik, Ataciara makeups lip stripe
eyeshadow: Doremi, drm eyeshadow sorbet glitter (Kozemtika freebie)
lashes one: glow, eyelashes water water drops
lashes two: glow, Bohemia eyelashes raindrop
hair: Tekeli-li, Efreet (Hair Fair gift)
scalp tat: Nikita Fride (Hair Fair gift)
earrings: glow, Bitterness earrings black
poses: Still Life, Bumblebee pack
location: Mon petit chapeau
GIMP slobbered on these pics.


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