I kissed a shark and I liked it

If you’re in need of hot weather clothing, the Seasons Hunt Summer edition has got you covered…but only just. Maylee Oh’s shorts for The Secret Store are the perfect tease, revealing enough of your butt to catch the eye of a yummy passerby but not so much that this passerby would immediately IMask “Do you do voice?”

The one rule for this hunt: refrain from saying “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Unless you are a newb or dating a newb or disguised as a newb. Or you are at DECO or sur+, where the size of the shark warrants this remark. (Now that I’ve warned you off this line, I can use it at will.)

Don’t let the feeding frenzy distract you from new teensy tops by artilleri and Tokidoki, or from pesca’s perfect alterna-girl sandal, which comes in many colours. Sometimes it feels good to pay for it.

The process for joining 2ndHub seems exhausting, but once you’ve managed it, you will have access to this lovely skin gift from Filthy in pale, tan, and espresso shades, as well as a skin for menfolk. (As a magical blogger, I did not have to join in order to enjoy the skin, so please don’t take my use of the skin as an endorsement of 2ndHub. I haven’t the foggiest what it’s for. However, two general rules of thumb that I happily endorse are: when it comes to bureaucracy, Kafka was right, and, bring a bigger boat just in case.)

Credits to creators
Portia wears
Seasons Hunt items:
Addict, Raia Sunkissed Summer Lbrows cleavage
The Secret Store, Summer beach shorts Lagoon
epoque, Season Revolution Pumps
Insufferable Dastard, Summertime Reflections Blue The Woods
Other items:
artilleri, Micha top green (NEW!)
LeLutka, Angel Hair SoySauce
actchio, realm of the gods tattoo (subo gift)
Concrete Flowers, My Own Tree Necklace (past Seasons Hunt item)
tou fronc, star bag (no longer available)
poses: estetica, pin up girl pack

Lo wears
Seasons Hunt items:
Shag, Hearts Flutter bombshell
This is a Fawn, High-Waisted Athletic Shorts red
Insufferable Dastard, Summertime Reflections Green The Woods
Other items:
Filthy, 2ndHub GroupGift f (fair)
TokiDoki, colorful bralet (NEW!)
pesca, linen + wood sandal red leaf
TFG, Gift group Special Summer Edition (NEW TFG gg)
Popsicle came with Shag’s Sweet Treat hair (recent Themeory item)
poses: Glitterati, Pinup pack


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