Priss to the rescue

My devotion to SL fashion and to Pleisure is flagging. These days, I rarely come across SLitems that I really want to possess and to share. It’s not even clear to me any more how to put an outfit together. My inventory, which I had whittled down and managed to hold to 19,000 items by means of regular grooming, has ballooned again. (It even started sprouting wild hairs out of its nose and a*se.) Given these circumstances, I was excited when I spied Erin Winterwolf’s latest trio of dresses for Priss and immediately hit the WANT button. It’s an ambidextrous little number, which charms with its girlish standout skirt and impresses with its sober palette. (The wild hairs, perhaps, aren’t all that wiry after all.) Before I could blog this dress, Ms. Azure Electricteeth ran it, styling it geniusly as always. Bloggers like Azure E. accessorize in a way that transforms a basic dress into a priceless gem enhanced by a dazzling setting. If I manage to add a necklace and get the prims lit properly, and perhaps capture some sadsack shadows, I am too exhausted from congratulating myself to set my goals much higher.

I considered choosing one of the other nice dresses in the trio, but I decided that I had to have the one that had roused me from my style stupor. I would just have to bring my A game. Geile voilà innit! as they say in Europe. *Snaps.* The Poupee Hunt helped out with the Alice shape from CS Shapes and the Telcy skin from Mother Goose’s. And Grixdale made a last-minute Super Bargain Saturday assist with a pack of bangles in multiple refreshing colours. They’re like 1970s Howard Johnson’s salt-water taffy for your wrists.

It’s often the case that I make the cardinal mistake of matching an outfit with similarly coloured eye makeup. Here I went one worser by matching the hair. The unity this brings to a picture is something that I can’t resist, even if it’s too easy. Once I get Portia’s sex appeal fixed, I will strive to create more tension in Pleisure’s outfits. (Yah, I’m not holding my breath either.) Before you move on to the next blog, take a moment to check out my new links category “Pleisure amours.” These are links to specific posts that knocked my socks off. I will change them almost as frequently as I used to change my socks. Before they were knocked off.

Priss, Parker Dress Street of Africa (NEW)
loveme, Animalstory 02 tights
glow studio, feathers loose necklace pink/gray (current TDR Blue)
lamb, wild nothing washed out
CS Shapes, Alice Teen Shape (Poupee Hunt gift)
Mother Goose’s, Telcy Poupee Hunt (Poupee Hunt gift)
Grixdale, Summer Bangles
SLink, Marie Roman Sandals Brown
LEO-NT, VIP Summer Hat (gg; join fee)
{DC}, thou shalt flock together tattoo
poses: Izumiya and Glitterati, Long Hair 2 pack
location: Naminoke
GIMP dropped a dead flea or two on these pics.


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