Plastik booty

Power Portia got all sexed up in honour of Aikea Reiko’s birthday, which she celebrated by sending Plastik group members a gajillion gifts. If you’re not a member, join for free and check notices for the big sack of prezzies. Among the goodies are skins, makeup tattoos, eyes, outfits, and the unique demon fades that allow you to change the colour of your av’s extremities. The one you see here is tintable. (I wouldn’t want you to imagine that pale pink is the first choice of demons everywhere.) The Plastik now also has a subo group with a big welcome gift, so hit that if you are extra greedy. Please, don’t be afraid of Plastik presents: there is no reason on any earth why the gifts would make your av turn out as cheezecakey as mine. (I have sad skillz.) The big blonde Bombshell hair by Shag would not normally find its way onto Portia’s head, but it was part of a generous gift that Sebastien Aries sent to everyone who entered the I am Shaggable! contest. This classy gesture inspired me to take another shot at making Portia shagworthy.

all Plastik items are from A. Reiko’s birthday gift
dress: Plastik, Koahkuma Grey
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Muted Cleavage Cumulus Arcadium
tat: Plastik, Demon Fades Full Tintable Half Atoma II
hair: Shag, Bombshell Vodka
earrings: Finesmith, Lulu Silver earrings (NEW)
eyes: amperlope, violet slur eyes (not available; new store is Sauce, only on the Marketplace)
poses: Apple Spice Store, from the Sexy Poses pack

a big thank you to all of you generous yous!


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