Creamsicle chic

It took an hour (that darn server that darn puter that darn cat) to try on each of the makeups in the four new Curio skins, and I was leaning heavily towards buying one makeup from Airhead when I realized that I had never tried Chic. Talk about wham bam thank you maam, the makeups in Chic excited me from the get go and satisfied me like a really smart good pop song. As you can see in this post, the Chic makeups can be a little quirky, but they are versatile. Chic delivers up Loica in sensuous glory…

…Stones in New Wave glamour…

…and Portia in whatever this is. (I’m still working on pinpointing my main av’s look and personality. Perhaps “default mode” is the best description. Make that “default a la mode.”)

The summer edition of the Seasons Hunt will end on Saturday. So you need to trek over to sur+ to pick up my favourite item, the Creamsicle Bodysuit, which combines pale pinks, coral, and cornflower blue in seamed (quilted, really) and plain (striped) versions. The palette is feminine but not juvenile. The cut of the legs is elegantly sexy. And the bodysuit’s beauty is one of simplicity and understatement, which are rare qualities in SL fashion. If Ockham’s razor could be applied to fashion, I’d say that Sienia Trevellion used it for this piece. (That’s one of the highest compliments I can give. Cause I’m picky that way.) Be warned that the sur+ shark is a bona fide maneater…so you may need a bigger boat.

Credits to creators
skin: Curio, Chic
1. Mode2 in Bean Dark Frex
2. New Wave1 in Moonbeam Light Frex
3. Flair1 in Petal Light
bodysuit: sur+, Creamsicle Bodysuit (Seasons Hunt item)
1. LeLutka, Rykiel Burnt
2. epoque, Warrior in the Genetic pack
3. [e], Again Blonde 02
poses: 1 and 3, Lauria; 2, built into furniture by Ys House
GIMPage: These photos have been manipulated but I did nothing to the faces. My graphics card makes a travesty of all necks, so don’t let that discourage you. Always try the demos before buying!

Lest I forget, I want to thank Somsomk for helping me find a very hidey hunt item.


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