Mashed bubblegum

In an effort to figure out why I swing back and forth between bad-girl and good-girl looks, I am deliberately mashing the two together. And giving my model a psychosomatic heat rash as punishment for my misdeed. (Avatars suffer so we don’t have to. The patch in the armpit itches and stings the most. Can’t be shaved or deodorized. *smiles at escaping this fate, at least for now*) It’s up to you to decide whether that’s a trickle of blood or a drizzle of strawberry coulis.

Credits to creators
tongue: A&M, Greedy Tongue (Greedy Hunt item; how often does a tongue come first in the credits? I am blazing new paths here people)
splotches: Miss Shippe’s Studio, Oh No, Summer Heat Rash (Seasons Hunt item; hunt ends tomorrow; ditto re pathblazing)
shape: Spearsong, Peyton shape
skin: Plastik, Aleksandra Beta Skin Ginger with Vaelian eyes (past special)
hair: KMH, Hair TNB C STraw Hat Incarose (Twinkle Night gift, not available)
tank: BOOM, Juicy Girl Tank (free at Juicy location)
skirt: Plastik, Aeda Mini (part of the This One Time At The Fair hunt gift)
pearls: BeautyCode, Long Pearl Necklace
bug: Gems & Kisses, Super Ladybug Baby Pink (old gg)
pose: marukin, from the marrons pack

What do you think?

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