Play on, player

SL creators must be pretend hacking my pixel phone, because playsuits and the colour plum are two of my predilections. Let’s not leave out Prickle, the name of Darkley Aeon’s new pose store, where she’s offering a freebie set of smoking poses. Steffy Ghost is the presence behind Jack Spoon. Her preposterously priced 10L leggings are available only on the Marketplace.

Until August 5th, anyone who buys the divine new Gigi skin from Apple May Designs will be treated to an extra mystery skin, which Sticks wears in the Gothly tone in this pic. You’re gonna have to fake surprise when you put it on, ‘kay? Otherwise someone’s gonna tattoo “spoiler” on my chest and all the fashionistas will be inspecting me to figure out where I got the rad ink.

Stones does the Rare Gacha Cha Cha Cha. She’s gloating over her rare Plumeria Playsuit from Ingenue at the Albero summer gacha event. And she especially likes to show off her rare and oh-so-cool gold-curtain sunglasses from an in-store gacha at glow studio.

Although Stones’ tote bag isn’t rare, it is one of the best ones in Naminoke’s Albero gacha series because it has 3-D kittygirl dolls instead of just a picture of them. And there’s one doll inside the bag and one doll outside. And if you ask nicely, the dolls will show you how to write off your gacha expenses come tax time.

Sticks wears
playsuit: The Sea Hole, Manoa Sunsuit Plum (NEW; today’s Lazy Sunday item)
skin: AMD, Gigi Gothly Surprise! (NEW; surprise extra skin avaialable only until August 5; ty Apple May!)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna
hair: Exile, Georgina Chardonnay (NEW)
bag: ribbon, summer bag(pink) (1L hunt gift in main store)
necklace: glow studio, feathers loose necklace pink/gray
leggings: Jack Spoon, bela leggings pink (10L, only on the Marketplace)
pain: Miss Shippe’s Studio, Mosquito Bites w/ Calamine (Seasons Hunt gift/hunt is over)
shoes: S@bbia, Wedge Mule (Poupee Hunt gift)
pose one: Prickle, from the Smoking Poses pack (free on Marketplace; the in-store version was not set for sale when I visited)
pose two: MGS, from the horror pose pack (Horror Hunt gift)

Stones wears
shades: glow studio, glasses Dancefloor 10 resize RARE (gacha)
playsuit: Ingenue, Tropica Playsuit Plumeria Rare (Albero gacha)
leggings: Diapop, Reptile print leggings (Poupee Hunt gift)
vest: BOOM, Mini Vest The Birds (old Themeory item)
bag: Naminoke, N*tote bag#10 (Albero gacha)
earrings: Indy & Co, Seven Earrings Goldoxide (current Fashionably Late item)
skin: Curio, GP Moonbeam Frex Dark Chic Pure 2
suffering: Miss Shippe’s Studio, Mosquito Bites w/ Calamine (Seasons Hunt gift/hunt is over)
hair: [e], Charmed Blonde 07
shoes: Surf Couture, Spring Fling Wedges Blackberry
pose: still life, from the Lazy Sunday pack

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