If you go down in the hoods today

You’re sure of a big surprise. Go ahead. Be a delicate flower while your fellow citizens slaughter the same loser av over and over again. It’s easier than ever to wrap yourself in a girly ballet sweater and flounce around in a poufy skirt. Fab.pony has permanently lowered its prices. And Miumin wants only a dollar for its floral delight.

If you go down in the hoods today, you’d better go in disguise. Wear that girly stuff, but toughen up with R.icielli’s Misseiling jacket v2, rebooted to be all extra spikey and stuff.

Credits to creators
sweater: Fab.Pony, Ballet Top Hazelnut
blouse: Ison, v-neck cream tee peach
skirt: Miumin, flower skirt 1l (dollarbie in the back yard: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kourinbou/37/220/22)
jacket: R.icielli, Misseiling v2 Smoky (former TDR item)
skin: JesyLilo, bunny paleskin j1 bt shiny (ty Lilo Glom!)
hair: lamb, addict honeycomb roots
ribbon: ur.favorite.one, goodbye baby c-2 (Albero gacha)
shoes: R.icielli, oxford II gold
necklaces: Tokidoki, Spheres necklaces (old group gift)
poses: Lauria, from the Shy pack


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