On the grid

Type “corset” into your inventory and feel your eyes bug out and boggle as a hundred items pop into view. Then try to get excited about the Corset Lust Hunt. Feast your eyes on LouLou&Co’s gift for the hunt and feel your fashion sense tingle and twang as you discover it can be worn three, yes three, different ways. Then try to quell your excitement about the Corset Lust Hunt.

I am rapidly losing track of all the weekly and biweekly discount events, so take advantage of what’s left of my certainty and get the hot Voulez Vous hair by Shag at Fashionably Late. I am such a convert to roots hair that I have stopped buying dark colours. I am certain, however, that SL creators will soon make beautiful styles featuring grey regrowth on badly oxidized dyed brown tresses.

Credits to creators
skirt: Emery, Skirt Blaque 01 (NEW; please see GIMPage report below)
top: LouLou&Co, Corset Crazy Coco (Corset Lust Hunt item)
hair: Shag, Voulez Vous Roots pack shades (NEW at Fashionably Late)
skin: al vulo, miha soleil milk MSW (My Second Wardrobe item)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Tanabata shape (not available)
shoes: Kristica, Cyprus Orange (Corset Lust Hunt item)
necklace: I <3 fashion, Ship in a Bottle (Poupee Hunt item)
shades: Alphavillain, 3 Cat Eye Glasses Gold (Albero gacha)
bag: Sticky Fingers, My White Leather bag (gift in store)
bangle: LaGyo, Cocoa tropic bangle (Seasons Hunt gift but shark week is over)
tat: kobilica, feather tattoo
pose one: croire, static poses gacha 1
pose two: MGS, from the horror pose pack (Horror Hunt gift)
location: S.I.C
GIMPage report: I could not get the lines on the skirt prim to line up with those on the glitch pants, even after trying the skirt on five shapes, so I faked it with GIMP.


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