Getting to sexy

Lately I’ve been fussing about Portia’s prissy looks and poses. I set out to make her sexy and was surprised that I could get this shot without piling on big hair and long nails, and without pumping up any of her boobular or buttular areas. (I was verrry tempted.) Donning a transparent top by Sn@tch is a surefire way to hotten up your av. When I first saw the full outfit online, the Milla shirt with its cute white undies and stockings made me mutter “Uh oh.” That’s what I say when a creator pushes my tender fetishy buttons. I’ve protected yours by subbing in charcoal panties that I keep on hand for SLexmergencies.

After a thorough study of fashionable SL avatars, I can report that the shortest path to sexy is the modern smoulder. For this you need pouty lips, lots of eyelashes and, making it modern, a slightly skeptical look in the eye.

Credits to creators
top: Sn@tch, Peach from the Milla Net Shirts Pastels pack (NEW!)
skin: Curio, Petal Frex Light Pout Spoiled Rotten 1
lashes: Cheap Makeup, Lashes Babs 8
lashes: amperlope, gold leaf brown lashes (not available)
collar: Bliensen + MaiTai, Collar Lovebirds Oh My Stars-O-Rama [I die]
hair: lamb, Wild Nothing Honeycomb Roots
panties: Dawn Memorial, part of the Pretty Charcoal lingerie set (I picked these up during my newb freebie bender, which is a blur and a half)
set: Sn@tch, Dark Photo Box
poses: marukin


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