New toys

“Play with the toys you have.” That’s what I say when I have plenty of goodies in my inventory but find myself wanting the newest or the bestest thing. Exciting recent releases from Sunami Beck and Marie Lauridsen had me salivating, but I couldn’t afford more than one item from Emery, and I told myself that I didn’t need any of the new Milk Motions. As if need has anything to do with fashion or blogging.

I had myself under control, I was playing with my LEGOs and my Fisher Price People, and then a blogger reminded me of the BonBon blouse by Gizza. Somehow, Milk Motion’s new denim cutoffs raced into my mind like a heroic Transformer, saving the blouse from being way too dressy and the world from Nemesis Prime. (I admit that I had to Google “evil Transformer” to finish that sentence. /me blushes)

My Flickr contact Riri Bazaar held a dance party at Salimar this week, where she gave away a pack of her new poses from hate me and eat me, a line that specializes in slightly odd stances. Although I felt shy and didn’t actively socialize, I found that just being there and hearing the music gave me the solace and energy I needed to do some household chores. So this post is dedicated to Ms. Bazaar and to Bert’s Apple Crumble.

Credits to creators
shorts: Milk Motion, My Vintage jean shorts darkblue (NEW)
blouse: Gizza, BonBon Blouse Black
earrings: Finesmith, Neta Earrings Jasper (10L; ty Yula Finesmith!)
bag: Boudoir, Summer Bag (resizeable; gg in store)
hair: LeLutka, Pinned (from the Hair Fair fat pack)
shoes: SLink, Tiger Heels Blueberry
skin: Dutch Touch, Fiep DarkOlive Basic
lashes: creator Montanna Sigal, Even Longer Slutty Lashes (not available)
poses: hmaem, 0131b, 0131c, 0131d (from the Nuggets gift)

GIMP sniffed every inch of these pics.


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