It’s no accident

Somehow this pretty new dress from Nylon Outfitters landed my av in an accident. Let’s not call it that, however. Let’s call it a temporary lapse in vehicular and sartorial control. I’m blaming the accessories. The serendipitous duet of the transparent men’s glasses and the nosebleed harmonized with hmaem’s raised-hands poses to evoke physical distress and mental shock. I had no memory of the abandoned cars at Sinners Heaven when I decided to shoot there, however, so this was supposed to be an innocent nosebleed on a nerdy urban girl, not the aftermath of a crackup.

Geez, I just realized that horses used to be cars. Sorry, cars used to be horses. Methinks my unconscious is telling me not to take the driving lessons I have successfully avoided for twenty years.

Credits to creators
dress: NO, Folds Dress Horses (NEW: there are several other patterns and mix and match possibilities)
necklace: Chantkare, Pony Necklace (NEW subo gift)
hair: Clawtooth, Glowing Review Girl Next Door (50L Friday item)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Anouk Special (not available)
blood: nestle my bosom, nose bleed (part of the WFH prize, still available)
glasses: Alphavillain, Sinner Man Transparent (Albero gacha)
shoes: Roly-Poly, Deco blue
poses and stockings: hmaem, 0128 fatpack + gift

GIMPage: I had to fake the pattern on the sculpty shoulders that just would not rez on my widdle Mac. Because there are no glitch pants, I also had to paint over some freakishly rude holes that the poses created in the skirt. I then ate my Wheaties and did a handstand for good measure.


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