Looking cheap

When we say a woman looks cheap do we mean that she looks poorly dressed or that she looks like she’d fu$k a guy for a bu$k? Do women run the risk of seeming sexually indiscriminate and financially desperate if they wear inexpensive clothes? Or does a woman only look cheap when she’s spending mere pennies on mini-skirts and tubetops? I’m sure that most of you would agree that a customer at H&M isn’t “cheap looking” if she foregoes the fishnets and purchases instead an inexpensive peasant skirt, even if she does raise that skirt on a first date without being bought so much as a dinner.

SL fashionistas rail against the uber-low-rise jeans that are popular with…erm…with our “tacky trashy trampy” sisters. These jeans don’t bother me. But they also don’t inspire me. I say forget the loooow-rise and go for the full-on exposed-butt look. These are the ultimate in cheap. It’s impossible to tell whether they say “I couldn’t afford to cover all of me,” or “Spank me! Spank me hard and spank me now!” The women of pleisure lean towards the latter interpretation. With alacrity we lean. With joy we bend…. Where was I?

The only respectable way to look cheap in SL is to do it defiantly. Cheap becomes a weapon if you are willing to be scary tacky trashy trampy, like the punks of yore. Of course, while scary turns off the average joe—the type of guy who’d denounce a punk girl for being unemployed as soon as he’d dismiss her for being an easy lay—scary looks sexy to those in the know. And for them, “cheap” is precious.

She will crush you. And you will return the favour.

Credits to creators
Stones wears
skin: Atomic, Lien skin LB Buff (former TDR item)
hair: Illusory, Kimmi Streaked Sugar
tiara: Virtual/Insanity, The Black Swan Tiara
bracelets: Virtual/Insanity, The Black Swan Bracelets
tat: Virtual/Insanity, Perv Dead Boi Tattoo
blouse: Blue Blood, Hollow Black (NEW; for 150L you get the shirt in four colours, a red/black dolly skirt and black stockings; ty Ghanima Uriza!)
jeans: Admiral Spicy, Open Blue Jeans (old gift)
undies: Grixdale, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie little polka dot… (old gift)
shoes: Mstyle, Rivea Pumps Black
pose set: Glitterati, Disco (VIP gg teaser; full set available on Marketplace for 100L)

Lo wears
outfit: DV8, Derby Doll Toxica (MM; comes with fishnet tights and modesty top, as well as the rockin rollin skates)
bra top: Sea Hole, part of Zombikini
stockings: Belote, Black Stockings Ripped
gloves: DV8, Cyberjammer (old Twisted Hunt gift)
skin: Nuuna’s, Halloween 2010 skin (again available for free for a limited time)
eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer, Free Asymmetry
hair: MADesigns, Eve Dark Brown
piercings and earrings: glow studio, Summer Piercing (Poupee Hunt gift, but hunt is over August 7 Japan time, which could be yesterday or tomorrow or today)
gun: KUE, Toy lasergun legbelt (Waffle Fox Hunt)
pose: Apple Spice Store, from the Action Poses pack (ty Missy Spice!)


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