Fauns have more fun

From time to time I like to do some ol’ fashun frontin’. I try out a subcultural style that I know nothing about, usually because I see something I can’t resist. Epic’s hooves with stockings tickled my fancy till it cried uncle, and I was on the road to faunville. Since I don’t erm know where faunville is, I figured I’d make my faun into a tourist and send her to China where, as you can see, she is enjoying the native cuisine.

My faun wears a splashy tattoo and a sexy dress from the mega gift that Aikea Rieko gave out to her Plastik group. (If the gift is not still in notices, you can always buy the items I’m showing.) La faun is also sporting the Zaria hairstyle from Truth, a line which I rarely buy because of the tonnage of the tresses. This hairdo appealed to me, however, because of the exaggerated length, a trend that I’ve been loving in Magika’s spring releases.

I looked at these wired perso ears by twee two or three times before I bought them. “Perso”…qu’est-que c’est, eh? I don’t know if these are faun ears. I do know that they make me feel happy. There’s a severed cable on the left ear, and it rains the subtlest little green sparks that ever did delight ye.

Credits to creators
hooves: Epic, Faun Classic Garter Socks Grey Blk Hoof (previous Grenade Free Wednesday item)
ears: twee, Perso ear wired
piercing: Acide, part of Acidule piercing available at GSP (ty!)
dress: Plastik, Lungless Symphony Wings of Angels (from Kea’s bday gg)
white tattoo: Plastik, Painted Tops Kje tintable (from Kea’s bday gg)
woman/star tattoo: Belote, Devour Tattoo [sehr hot]
hair: Truth, Zaria black and whites pack (NEW)
skin: Mons, Tina Skin Series TDRBlue V1
tail: Happily Ever After, part of Spring Faun
poses: Lauria, Stay Cool and, pic 3, Sassy Summer

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