Denime (deh´- neem)

I bought the Foxie shirt by Vive9 because I knew it would show off my av’s cleavage in a tasteful and fashionable manner. In short, my av would have “clee-vaahj” rather than “clee-veg.” But then the new Indian necklace by glow studio caught my eye and I lost interest in Portia’s grandish canyon.

In RL I have a few absolutely indefensible and inflexible sartorial rules. The most important rule limits the number of denim items in any outfit to one. I have a horror of what I see as the violent clashes between faded and indigo rinses, light and heavy weights, and blue and yellow stitching. If you wanted to make me lose my mind, you could combine acid wash jeans with a tie-dye jean jacket. So I am going way out on an unsafe limb in this outfit, which not only features two denim items but also broadens the sex appeal that vive9 thought to restrict. Rawr Revolution calls these colourful zebra-patterned shorts Slutty Dukes. They’re free and available to all in the Doux Petit Dahl subscribo.

I’m a touch proud of this pic because I managed to wrest some visible depth-of-field effects out of my Mac. The shifts in focus look amazing on my screen, but they usually don’t register at all in the photos I take. Here’s hoping you enjoy the degrees of fuzzy as much as I do.

Credits to creators
shirt: vive9, Foxie Tucked Denim Shirt in Original (My Second Wardrobe item?)
necklace: glow studio, indian Necklace v. 04
short shorts: Rawr Revolution, Slutty Dukes Zebra3 (Doux Petit Dahl subo gift in multiple colour combos)
hair: [e], Changes Red 05 (Collabor88 item: 88L for each colour pack)
skin: Curio, Petal Light Chic Mode 2
makeup: Dutch Touch, eyelashes plus kohl
shoes: Duh, Women’s Straw Espadrille Flat Pink Rose (gift in store)
bike: what next, summertime bicycle pose prop (past Seasons Hunt gift)
location: the picnic at lula
Yes, GIMP did his business on these pix.


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