I did all my best to smile

This post was supposed to be about the cute outfit but I did a catalogue/horrible job of photographing it. Most of my photos feature glum-looking models. And that’s okay by me because I’ve always been an unsmiling malcontent. And yet today, when I really have something to be unhappy about, something I don’t want to discuss, my av looks fine and dandy. Listen to this sad but beautiful song, if you feel the need for some pleisure-sent pain.

Pay 600L for Horang and discover inside ten vachement cool makeups—five in a pale tone, five in a natural tone—and one of Milok Hermit’s perfect gamine shapes (not shown). I loved this skin on my av from the LB and dollarbie versions, and I am glad I kept Horang on my to-buy list long enough for her to become one of my little presents to my awesome self. Oh self, you are as greedy as you are deserving! *self rumbles like a volcano with the runs*

In an effort to set aside some time for eating and sleeping, I’ve decided to pick up only a few items from the Platinum Hunt and the Your Inner Bunny Hunt. Zaara’s earrings and Dura’s hair were my top picks. The Dura hair also comes with a bunny-eared version in case your outer bunny needs ‘spressing.

Credits to creators
Emery, Top Paula Anchor
Laviere, Loosen the Suspender skirt Grey
R.icielli, Oxford II ankleboots black+white
Zaara, Anjami Chandelier Earrings Gold (Platinum Hunt 2, 10L)
Dark Mouse, Basket Gold (open gift in four colours)
[TH], Tattoo Free Bitch (old men’s freebie)

Pic two
Mother Goose’s, Horang(B)4 [this is the pale tone]
pom.pon, tattoo beauty mark
Dura, Boys&Girls 17 Black

Pic three
Mother Goose’s, Horang2 [this is the natural tone]
pom.pon, tattoo beauty mark
Dura, Bunny Hunt Limited hair (Your Inner Bunny Hunt, 1L)

GIMP got into these pics but only to gnaw at the model’s shoulders. My graphics card couldn’t rez a throat if its very life depended on it, and I didn’t fix this. That said, always demo skins because so much depends on your hardware and settings.


What do you think?

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