We had five years left to cry in

The latest release from Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood is the Sigyn catsuit, a cleverly contrived set of braces and buckles that would make a pro blush. The harness suit is meant to be worn alone or overtop a bodystocking available in black and the usual jewel tones. If your av has considerable assets to show off, she can wear only half of the bodysuit, as Portia does here. Unfortunately, the coloured bodystocking can’t be worn alone. Tatianna Faulkes of Fab.Pony is back in action, installing four new lucky boards in the shop. She has also just launched a new line of scratch-his-back nails in high-impact colours and patterns. Each pack contains nails for hand sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20 and tintable gloves.

I had a blast shooting Portia in Glitterati’s Lockdown set, which is on sale for 100L throughout August. But lockdown took on a new, sickening meaning today when I read that courts in Britain are being encouraged to “ignore normal sentencing guidelines in order to hand down tougher penalties for those involved in last week’s disturbances.” The severity of the sentences, which are brazenly disproportionate to the “crimes” committed, makes it clear that people are being punished for what and how they think, not for what they actually did. And that is the essence of fascism. While I don’t think that the rioters sought to make any statement about social injustice, let alone redress wrongs, I would argue that this violence is a direct consequence of social injustice. It played out in the most significant and symbolically charged arena of contemporary life under capitalism: the shops. If the West puts getting and spending ahead of all other values then it should expect those who haven’t got two cents to spend to take their share by any means necessary. To react with shock is pure hypocrisy. If there has been a “slow moral collapse” in the UK or elsewhere, it is the fault of corporations bent on exploitation-for-profit and of the governments that serve them.

UPDATE: Naomi Klein says it best in The Nation.

I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour
Drinking milkshakes cold and long
Smiling and waving and looking so fine
Don’t think you knew you were in this song

Credits to creators
outfit: Blue Blood, Sigyn Pink (NEW thank you Ghanima Uriza)
nails: Fab.pony, manicure gradients square top razzberry (NEW ty Tatianna)
skin: al vulo, Vero tribal queen bronze (YIBH item, 1L)
face tat: vel, unzipped unisex
hair: Shag, Thai Me Up Roots Bombshell
lashes: glow studio, Bohemia Eyelashes raindrop gift june 2010
tat: v3 tattoo, Love me Hate Me faded (NEW ty Khurt Vhargon)
earrings: glow studio, Black shadow earrings
boots: Maitreya, SoHo Boots Black (old gift)
set: Glitterati, Lockdown (on sale for 100L)
these pics were GIMPed, gently


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