Caught a light breeze

I decided that in order to minimize my time fighting lag at the COCO and Aoharu sales, I would make my choices by browsing the designers’ websites and then just pop into the stores to pick up the goods. I didn’t recognize just how tempted I’d be by the very low prices at COCO. And I became a committed in-world browser when these navy cargo pants appeared before me and instantly felt like the perfect contrast to all the body-hugging clothing I’ve been blogging lately. Although they aren’t my thing, I realized that the outsize preppy shorts would work beautifully as a foil to the tiny kinky bikini top I had just purchased. That’s right, Beautifying Big Bazooms Week continues here on the Pleisure Network. You’re welcome.

Aoharu’s Megan hairdo features a colour-change hat. Filthy has put out two beautiful skins for the YIBH and Platinum Hunt. And I couldn’t decide what lighting to use for the pics in this post.

You may not know that Addictia is discounting one pair of shoes each month and this month’s half-price beauty is the Metro Sandal in silver. Changing the skin tone was a no brainer. But I couldn’t get the toenail and tattoo options to work, probably because I was sitting in a dark room well past my bed time.

Credits to creators
hair: Aoharu Hair, Megan02d MapleBrown (50% off)
shorts: COCO, CargoShorts Navy (75% off)
bikini: COCO, Side-TieBikini White (75% off)
shoes: Addictia, Metro Sandals Silver (this colour only on sale for 300L in August)
skin: Filthy, YIBH Skin Ivory (YIBH item 1L)
bracelets: Grixdale, Summer Bangles
props: what next, Balloon Love Pose Set (majorly fably awesome; Platinum Hunt 10L item) and their phone booth, which I used at the shop because I don’t own land!
these pics were lightly GIMPed
location: Cupcake sim


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