What I do when my av gets up my nose

I didn’t like the outfit I put together. Actually, I didn’t like the woman. She looks like someone who has a job. Shudder. So to put her in her place, I sent her to Legion, where all the tough, hot avatars hang out. They might steal her iPad, I thought. And this was a welcome thought.

But when I got her there, I was so disgusted with her corporate ways that I made her a fanger. One of them what puts on airs.

Finally, I tossed her a giant cupcake. It’s a rare gacha item. She’s probably expecting a promotion for catching it without mussing the icing or her hair.

Credits to creators
skin: Lara Hurley, Dessa for the Platinum Hunt (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)
mouth tat: Heartsick, Vamp Fangs (subo gift)
hair: [e], (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)
blouse: COCO, Bowshirt white (75% off and a real stunner)
skirt: Tokidoki, Mini skirt yello brown (sale on yellow and red items)
jacket: R.icielli, Maria Mini jacket orangebubblegum (summer hunt item 17, 15L)
bag: Kookie, Agness ostrich bag grass
tights: Graffitiwear, Rose Sheer Tights (NEW; ty!)
shoes: Maitreya, Treaders Rosewood (NEW subo gift)
pose pics 1 and 2: croire, from the crazy bag lady pack
prop pic 3: CM, Cupcake Wars v.7 (gacha at Albero gacha fest round 2; ty for the friendly customer service!)
location: Legion
GIMP played a little with these pics but got bored quickly

What do you think?

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