Bad seeds

So there I was, loving Sn@tch’s Mary Potter outfits but feeling a load of meh about Harry. A new Hogwarts RP sim is opening next month, and the fashionable devotees have been blowing my mind with their creativity in ringing variations on school uniforms. But I haven’t read the books, and am not at all tempted, and the movies are tiresome. I didn’t set out to throw a spanner in any witch’s wand, but it became obvious as I styled Ivey Deschanel’s new outfits that I was imagining juvenile delinquents not diligent conjurers.

For instance, one of my girls has Amy Winehouse’s hair. That can’t be a good sign, even if she is a sly Slytherin. The range of Mary Potter outfits offers two skirts, the tight tweed mini you see here and a flounced mini in plaid. There are short cuffed socks, argyle stockings and very cool black socks with knee pads. Those are perfect for girls who are always on their knees erm searching for lost eyes of newts.

Do Rowling’s witches fly? No? Mine do. Abracadabnyah. And they look good doing it in a tummy-bearing white blouse or cardigan. The Sn@tch outfits are currently available only in the fishing pond. If you don’t manage to snag the black ballerina flats meant to go with each outfit, you can pick up the punky heels from Nardcotix in the Platinum Hunt.

There are, of course, four house ties attached to blouse collars, and one pullover that covers everything up. But it’s strictly for the Deleuze-loving vegan dykes of Ravenclaw. (What? I can dream, can’t I?)

ty Ivey at Sn@tch for the outfits! See them proper on wholesome youths.

Credits to creators
Ravenclaw radical
from the Sn@tch Mary Potter collection, available as Fish For This items:
Ravenclaw Collar
Mary Blouse
Cashmere Sweater Grey
Classic Trouser Grey (has prim cuffs not shown)
shoes: COCO, Oxford Shoes Two Tone (75% off)
pointy glow stick: Colorful Hollow, from the Dollarbie Harry Potter Wands pack (on Marketplace)
hair: LeLutka, Pinned hair BlueRinse
skin: Mother Goose’s, Maria LB (NEW)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna Suzanna shape
nails: Sn@tch, Nail Candy Toxic
cig: FNKY, Cigarette II
pose one: hmaem, from the Escape Myself pack which is not available
pose two: Olive Juice, from the Defying Gravity pack

Slytherin sl*t
from the Sn@tch Mary Potter collection, available as Fish For This items:
Mary Cardigan Coal
Mary Blouse
Slytherin Tie
Tweed Mini Skirt
Kneepads/Socks Black
hair: A&A, Amy Hair Moonlight (NEW and free on the Marketplace! ty!)
heels: Nardcotix, Iceli Spiked Stiletto (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)
shrunken light saber?: Colorful Hollow, from the Dollarbie Harry Potter Wands pack (on Marketplace)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Chiaki crazy25 (old hunt gift available atop a small shack outside the shop)
earrings: Finesmith, Heart Hoops Gift (old gift; shop is having 50% off moving sale)
nails: Sn@tch, Nail Candy Pewter
pose one: Olive Juice, from Cherry Fully Loaded
pose two: Olive Juice, from Defying Gravity


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