Yesterday, Pleisure received an alarming email from a reader who calls herself Crackpot C8’y. She wrote “I think I may be losing my mind. My look is strictly grunge, but when I went to the Aoharu sale to mock the mainstreamers, I found myself admiring a preppy striped blouse and bought it because it was such a bargain. As soon as I unboxed it, I knew it was all wrong for me and decided to forget about it. But I couldn’t. At first I just lay awake all night with stripes dancing in front of my eyes, but soon I was hallucinating big, beautifully sculpted bows on everyone and everything. Pleisure, please tell me what to do before it’s too late.”

Deeply concerned for our reader’s welfare, Pleisure responded immediately. “Dear Catherine, Although we would normally frown upon the bastardization of a look as pure as grunge, the fact that the blouse was so cheap makes it a trophy, not unlike the things you’ve probably got hanging from the dozen holes drilled in your skin. We advise you to wear the blouse with Cynful’s deliciously urban Eve Britches in pink leopard, which will doubtless distract both your friends and enemies from the too-tasteful blouse.”

This morning, Pleisure had to make a trip to the loony bin, where Crackpot C8’y was having trouble with another sale item, one she didn’t even remember buying. There she stood, wearing nothing but X-Ray’s Really Tiny Skirt, her massive breasts [;)] threatening to burst out of an exquisitely tailored, asymmetrical leather jacket from COCO. We knew that she was too far gone to appreciate the cleverly mixed messages of the COCO jacket, so we appealed to her paranoia, assuring her that wearing the tiny skirt without underwear was the best way to undercut the authoritarian overtones of the jacket.

Really, we were just humouring her in the hope that she would let the bunny live.

Thank you to all the creators and bloggers who are inspiring me to get my grunge on. And thanks to my father for his unerring good taste, which I will forever be trying to escape. This post is for my Mom, with love.

Credits to creators
Look one
Cynful, Eve Britches White Pink (GSP special, 100L for three colours)
Aoharu, StripeBowtieBlouse Pink (50% off)
Truth, Zaria Pearl
N-Core, Caprice Black
Pink Fuel, Elly Sugar Gloom ltbrow (special edition)
Plastik, Feathers Friday
creator Ann Otoole, Basic Handcuffs Earrings (old hunt gift)
aDORKable Poses, My Padded Room (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)

Look two
COCO, BlackLeatherJacket (75% off)
X-Ray, Really Tiny skirt black colorful streaks
Pink Fuel, Elly Sugar Candied dkbrow (special edition)
.too rino, hinted tinted lips block with shimmer (on Marketplace)
iPoke, GoodGirl
iPoke, Morta (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)
Magika, Sonia Black and White pack
love me brutal, I’m late I’m late.fin (Wonderland Hunt item)


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