Juicing with colour

Today I sing the praises of dark skintones not found in nature and the punchy prettiness of dresses the colour of fruit. First up frockwise is Pink Lemonade, which is just one of several charming Lucky Board outfits by Icing. (They can also be bought in the store if you despair of waiting.) Portia’s skin is a special version of Megan, Sopha Portal’s latest face for My UglyDorothy and her current offering at the 75L Skin Sale. At first I tried black hair with this beautiful skin but discovered that it looks richest with browns.

This wasn’t the right outfit for shadow play, but I was in Belle Morte when I logged in, and I could not pass up the opportunity. I don’t know why I shoot pretty girls in pretty clothes in dark places, but it makes me feel like a walking Rolling Stones song.

Here Portia wears Anouk, a former 75L special from My UglyDorothy, and a colour-change necklace by EY:NO that is bedecked with wee birdies.

The new dress from Fishy Strawberry, which is available in cantaloupe, shown here, and mustard at Fashionably Late, is a killer. This little beauty is the right combo of an innovative cut and an eye-pleasing colour. (In black it wouldn’t have made everyone say “ooh…buy buy buy!”) It also happens to showcase Portia’s big new breasts, which I have to say I am enjoying way too much.

Credits to creators
Night look
ICING, Pink Lemonade [comes with hair flower] (LB)
My UglyDorothy, Megan Special (at the 75L Skin Sale Store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amaradia/10/235/34)
Dutch Touch, Lipsticks Fiep REDS nr1
Clawtooth, Glowing Review Girl Next Door
R.icielli, Antique Gold Butterfly Skull Ring (Platinum Hunt item, 10L)
R.icielli, Gold Butterfly Skull Necklace (R.icielli summer hunt item, 15L)
Izzie’s, Pearl Jewelery Set orange red
haut.monde, Hondo Pumps Tan and Cream
PDA, Dracula pack

Day look
Fishy Strawberry, Plisse Dress Cantaloupe (comes with a great belt that I erm left at my boyfriend’s place; available at Fashionably Late)
My UglyDorothy, Anouk Special (not available)
EY:NO, Sakura Necklace (colour change)
Anexx, LoaferPumps Navy (50% off till the end of the month)
PDA, Dracula pack

locations: Nomine sim and Belle Morte
GIMP was here

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