Puff it up until you can feel it

I don’t like the word adorable because its all-purpose application has worn it right out. Occasionally, however, the word fits, and Anya Ohmai’s Pygmy Puffs… /me grabs the mike from myself. Ohmigod I never had a pet when I was a kid except for the two goldfish that ate each other’s tails and this puffy thing with the long tongue that’s kinda icky like a cat penis makes me realize what I was missing and helps me to heal, and if you think I’m going to rise above this trend you are wrong wrong wrong because I have long wanted to look so hiply adorable that you can’t resist commenting “adores!” on my piccie and maybe even adding a <333.

When I shopped at COCO I was dressed as a slag from outer space. When I went shopping for collars, I was pretty in pink. I decided I needed an all-purpose outfit so that no one photos me for their WTF pics,and this is what happened. Snap away, bit*hes.

Credits to creators
Mother Goose’s, Ulika skin LB (NEW)
Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Ash and PP Peach (gacha at Harry Potter: Your Story sim)
Plastik, Tomboy Verve Wanda (from the birthday group gift)
Ingenue, Luna Skirt Noir (Collabor88 item)
LeLutka, Brigitte Sweden
elymode, schools socks mismatched wine (NEW; a variety of matched lengths is available for those of you who had pets as kids)
birdy, leggings fly away
Finesmith, Collar Inspired by Arisia Vs.1
Dilly Dolls, Wristcuffs from Emilie outfit
Nikotin, Cig’ Lady Black/Black (call it user error but I could not get this to puff)
poses: Apple Spice Store, from the Attitude pack (ty Ms. Spice!)
GIMP is in the house
So is Elvis

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