And so it begins

I always loved going back to school. And I especially enjoyed the little late-August splurge on necessary equipment like sketchbooks, weapons, time-travel headgear and, of course, new shoes. I never wore a uniform. In Toronto it was possible to get a good education at a public school, so only the wealthy future ruling class was gender-segregated and kitted out in poorly elasticized socks that pooled around their ankles. My friends and I were scandalized when we realized that girls who wore a uniform five days a week had more extensive civilian wardrobes than we did. And more dates. And blonde hair. These days, they’d also be stacked. Back then, there was no milk laced with bovine growth hormones to spur our development. (But dog poop was indeed white, and shrunken and brittle.)

The day after Labour Day was always semi-tragic, not because our freedom was at an end, but because it was far too hot to wear our new corduruoy pants and turtleneck sweaters. Having a pygymy puff on my shoulder would have been unbearable, no matter how many of my bogeys it promised to eat. Not being a Harry Potter fan, I have no idea whether bogeys are spectres or boogers. But I have a sick feeling that it’s the latter, and I will lose not a little sleep imagining this admittedly cute (and collectible) creature clattering over my face trying to fish shrunken, brittle, green nasal poop out of my cavities with its teensy-weensy tongue.

Credits to creators
SG, Baby Doll Blue (half price till store close at the end of August)
fd, Sweet Tea Brunette B pack
tb, Pale JeJune Prissy Light Thick Brows and freckle tat
A&M, Greedy Tongue (old hunt gift)
Atomic, Basic Leggings Pink (former Bake Sake special)
Gos, Curvaceous Boots White
Indyra Originals, Odyssey Hat (Platinum Hunt item, 15L)
Boof!, Indiana Jones Bag (FTLO Scavenger Hunt item)
Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Polly
BP*, Sketchbook/green17mar (old gg)
FighterNinja Shan, Katana Sword (1L on Marketplace)
poses: Apple Spice, from the Attitude Pack, although heavily modded with addition of sword and books; BP*, old gg; aDORKABLE Poses, Learning Curve
shot at Insilico and GIMP’d real good


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