It’s a Look, but is it OTD?

I don’t know what makes a look a LOTD. I assume there’s something apologetic about the designation: a LOTD is something you throw together and wear around the grid, despite your partner’s objections, until you get too many grease stains on it and have to change. (Please correct me if I’m wrong. I <3 to know right the interwebs.) For this LOTD I raised the prim cuffs on COCO’s Tuxedo Pants to look more dorkier in my new Bitchchain Boots, which I found through the underreported Woeful Wednesdays event.

Apple May Designs released a pretty new face named Atalise, who wears Ms. May’s signature subtle eye makeups. The Allure makeups include a beauty mark tattoo tailor-made for each skintone. (I shot this skin in low light because I wanted something broody and the next one in regular light because I snapped out of it.)

Here Portia wears another recently released Apple May face, Gigi in a Vibrant makeup that makes my girl’s face glow and her eyes sparkle. I’m sure you’re wondering why Portia is not accompanied by a Pygmy Puff today. The reason is that I need to buy some more because Portia depleted my supply. You see, she doesn’t really like having her nose probed, gets awful hungry at night and believes that PPs are full of the good fat.

Credits to creators
skin one: AMD, atalise gothly allure 2 (ty Apple May!)
skin two: AMD, gigi gothly vibrant 3 (ty Apple May!)
hair: lamb, Mess My Little Pony (was a special edition)
boots: MV, Bitchchain Boots Black
pants: COCO, High-waistedTuxedoPants Black (75% off)
collar: HOC, Barbwire Choker (comes with cuffs)
cuffs: Legit, Leather Bracelets Rings (only on Marketplace)
top: Emery, Cropped Top Lace Heart (TDRB)
poses: dfo, from the Come and Luxey packs
location: LG Peau d’Ange spa
yes, I GIMPed, but just a little and not on the faces


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