Hunt for C’est la Vie’s cozy fur scarf at Couleur de Tout and then go to the main store to hunt for the regal maxi dress. You are looking for a frozen green drink in a pink cup. About a dozen other creators are participating in the hunt. I know I promised to keep my hunt posts brief, but I have to say that this was the summer I discovered ginger hair. I also embraced blonde as though I’d never sworn at 16 to kill all blondes. I am disappointed by the flatness of black hair in SL. Somebody send me some beautifully textured hair and I will go back. To black.

Credits to creators
C’est la vie, Fur Snood (NEW; CDTH item at the erm fairground)
C’est la vie, Feather Maxi Brown (NEW; CDTH item at the store)
My UglyDorothy, Mirai LB (NEW)
LeLutka, Pinned Itsnotginger
Izzie’s, Pearl Jewelery Set orange red
LaGyo, Arita Necklace (old hunt gift)
Petit Glad, Lazerbeam Pose Set (gift in store)


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