Twisted can be ugly, but it can also be beautiful. I don’t do the whole hunt. I look at the pics of hunt gifts on Flickr and at the feeds, and I decide what’s worth searching for. It makes sense to be selective, given how hard it is to find many of the prizes. There is no published hint list, but if you join the Twisted Hunt group the members will help you out.

This look is straight out of the box from Malfean Visions, where the female gift includes this cute shape, skin, tail with lantern, hooves, horns and ears. (The pink Pygmy Puff is not part of the gift! Find it at the Ohmai Emporium at Switch.) There is also a male avatar.

Lo’s look is a mashup of Twisted bits, including the male gift wings from Soul Distraction and the blouse from Likka House’s fab gown. That’s one prize you want to get your hands on because it combines a staid 19th-century gown with a morphing futuristic means of transport. Lo’s lovely skin is Kat, brand new from Apple May Designs. It’s available in five skin tones, and you can buy four makeups in a pack for 1350L or one bare skin for 575L.

Credits to creators
Look one
wings: Soul Distraction, Male Unseelie Wings Twisted (Twisted Hunt item)
blouse: Likka House, part of Hunting High and Low Dress (Twisted Hunt item)
book and quill: The Secret Shelf, part of The Archivist 2.0 (Twisted Hunt item)
skin: AMD, Kat Gothly Nitro (NEW; ty Apple May!)
liner: glow studio, Pinup Liner
hair: eha, rin sienna
skirt: Nomine, part of Darkchylde Dress
boots: GF, Lavender Short Lace-Up Boots
earrings: glow studio, Scary Earrings
poses: .tea, from the A Sorta Fairy-tale pack (not available)

Look two
avatar: Malfean Visions, Arcadian (Twisted Hunt item)
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
pet: Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Polly (gacha)
pose: Glitterati, part of the Nude pack


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