All the hunting has me lagging in RL, so I haven’t looked for any plunder other than this amazing skin by Aikea Rieko. (I don’t think I approve of the concept of “Plundering Villages,” so that might be what’s keeping me away. Being twisted and steamy are victimless crimes.) I wanted to feature some of Ohmai Emporium’s follow up to the pygmy puffs, the new jellybean mouthies, but the ones I got were all brown. Discouraged, I chant “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me. I think I’ll NOT eat worms.”

This is the best body paint I have ever seen on a skin, so I had to show it off in the raw. Don’t worry about the pic, I erased the best bit. It was more time-consuming than I anticipated. A case of persistent plastik pu*sy.

Credits to creators
skin: Plastik, Aleria Pirate 2 (Plundering Villages hunt item; you are looking for a bone)
puffs: Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff Mink, Pumpkin and Chocolate Frog (gacha 30L each)
hair: Shag, Naked as we Came Kitten
bracelets: Mons, Bracelets World Brown (old gg)
poses: Glitterati, from the Nude pack [lower body modded ineptly with GIMP]

What do you think?

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