Pink for fall

For everyone who’s in denial about the end of summer, I recommend wearing colours so pretty that the turning leaves and tumbling chestnuts mutter “Bit*h!” when you walk past. You can make Mother Nature fume with Lalu Bonetto’s lovely new Wolf skirt and make a small concession to the season with a cappuccino-coloured top from Berries. It’s just 50L, but only until the store closes on September 12th.

I went to Little Pricks for a tattoo I saw in a blog and picked up this pink and blue confection instead. (The prices are very reasonable, perfect for tattoo dorks like me.) The sweet dragonfly necklace by EY:NO is colour-change, within a limited range, and there are matching earrings.

{K}rea is a new-to-me store that specializes in shapes and piercings. Creator Kere Millar has just released two packs of coloured tights with cool knee patches that can read as hip or cyber, depending on your styling. There’s also a gift pair in teal. I have to apologize for Portia’s boobs messing up the collar of her new Priss jacket. I was too busy wrangling the pygmy puffs to notice. There’s only so many big balls o’ puffed-up goodness I can keep track of in any given photo.

Credits to creators
Look one
skirt: Gato, Wolf Skirt (NEW)
top: Berries Inc., zoe top cappuccino (closes September 12)
tights: {k}rea, Q Leggings Purple (NEW; ty!)
necklace: EY:NO, Dragonfly Necklace
skin: al vulo, annarella do not say a word, that is not love GSP (current GSP)
tat: Little Pricks, Ride the Waves
hair: lamb, Honey Milkshake (50L Fri edition)
booties: Anexx, PlatformWedgesole Red
bag: Milk Motion, My Little Leather Bag Bats

Look two
blazer: Priss, Oldies Blazer in Black Type B (NEW)
scarf: Pesca, gacha scarf B 5 (NEW)
top: oyakin, turtleneck pink
hair: tram, A817 maroon (NEW)
skin: al vulo, annarella do not say a word, that is not love GSP (current GSP)
tights: {K}Rea, Q Leggings Purple (NEW; ty!)
skirt: W&B, Ayla Leather Skrt Muted Slut (50L Fri item)
shoes: Anexx, Loafer Pumps Pink
puffs: Ohmai Emporium, Pygmy Puff in Celeste and Prussian (gacha)

set: Reek, Old Attic
unGIMPed these pics are


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