Twisted art-types

The gala-goer asks her hubby if this one will work in the den. (Art by Del May.)

At the press preview, the faunnoisseur sneers and paws the ground. (Art by Theoretical Afterthought.) I shot these pics at The Gallery Gift Shop, where, in addition to clothing and furniture, some of the artworks are available for purchase. (I didn’t shoot any of the ones that you can buy, because my smartdar is down.)

Wealthy art patrons make the worst dancers. (Artist unknown.) If you are a roleplayer or just a pretty girl you should be spending your free time stalking the group LBs at The Sugar Garden. There are four faces in a range of skin tones (including Asmodian blue and Nightelf purple) rotating through five boards. The group is free to join.

Look one
Twisted Hunt items
gown: Filthy Things, Raven Feathered gown (3 boxes to find, gown is in box 3)
gloves with snake: Arisaris, part of Rig4 Twisted Hunt Black Snake
wings: ezura zue, Unseelie Twisted Hunt Wings
UnTwisted items
choker: Malfean Visions, Sinner’s Lace Choker Citrine (MM board)
hair: Wasabi Pills, Maeve Hair Branches Crystal Violet
moncole: Sanu, Silly Summer Flowers Monocle (if the summer monocle is gone, there will be others)
skin: TSG, Lilith in Kamael/Bust (group LB)
poses: Apple Spice, from the Gown Poses pack (ty Apple!)

Look two
outfit with horns and hooves: Deviant Designs, Dark Faun (Twisted Hunt)
skin: TSG, Iliana in Cherub Juicy Lips Bust (group LB)
tat: birdy, ET fawn makeup body markings (store will close in two weeks, everything on sale till then; ty Veleska Resident!)
hair: (love), native (fatpack) (old group gift for Please Make this in SL group)
pose: Everglow, from the exclusive Tropicalia pose pack (75L at Tropicalia Bazaar; ty Fanny Willis!)

What do you think?

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