Licorice whip

Creators been sendin me stuffs! Today I’m showing you Secret, the pert new outfit by Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood, which features three skirt lengths. (Some less hot av will have to show you the long one.) My model is Okaina, the latest offering from annaA. She’s petite and cute and she looks like my kind of trouble.

If you join the Modavia Fashion Marketing group, you can pick up this free Bliss Couture hat at the Modavia sim, where all the Fashion Week couturiers are previewing their wares. The numerous gifts seem to attract very skinny, long-legged, flat-chested avatars with pretentious names like Portia. If you want to hang out with more full-bodied babes, you can visit GSP 5.2, where the bracelets from Acide, which come with a pair of black gloves, are for sale for 89L.

I couldn’t stop shooting Apple Spice’s Rockstar poses! Each one is a delicious surprise. I wasn’t sure which stars were the sources for the poses, but I think this one is Madonna in her Like a Virgin phase. There’s a pose that recalls Chuck Berry doing the duck walk. And all the other ones made me think of Mick Jagger. When he was young and perfect.

Credits to creators
shape: annaA, Body Shape Okaina (NEW; ty Annalesca Ashbourne!)
dress: Blue Blood, Secret Black (NEW; comes in many other colours; ty Ghanima Uriza!)
bracelets: Acide, Enlace moi gris (current GSP 5.2; ty Acide Innovia!)
ring: Chantkare, Pony Around Ring (newest subo gift)
hat: Bliss Couture, Free Couture Hat
skin: Glam Affair, Sakura D HB TDR 27 (old TDR item)
tat: Montagne Noire, part of Fleur du Mal Unseelie dark Woodland Fairy (Twisted Hunt gift)
hair: Clawtooth, Louise Brooks Softest Black
piercing: Acide, part of Acidule
pearls: Aluinn, The Black Rose Cascade Pearls (old hunt gift)
shoes: Kookie, Yuki Sock Supreme Heel
poses: Apple Spice, from the Rockstar pack (ty Apple Spice!)

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