Flooded with doom

I didn’t plan to shoot or blog this dress from Bare Rose. And then I went to the DMV. And ended up sobbing uncontrollably. At the DMV. (My mother tried to kill herself this summer, and I should be with her in Toronto, not in the American midwest learning to drive to a job I hate that is eating my soul.) By the time I got home—test untaken because I had only four, not five, pieces of i.d.—I wasn’t good for much more than revenge dressing my avatar. Weird eyelashes, too many accessories, a scripted whip. These are the hallmarks of revenge dressing in SL.

So, yes, I’m coming for you, as Kate Bush once sang. And so is Portia. I am unstoppable. And Mistress Capelo will whip you raw if you even think of touching her beignets.

Stay strong, Mom.

Credits to creators
dress: Bare Rose, Desire (3 versions of the top)
capelet: ][AV][, shawl fur black
shoes: Mea Culpa, Ballroom Shoes (join the BeStyle Magazine Readers group and check notices)
whip: Violator, DoNotScream Riding Crop Black (MFW group gift; MFW ends today)
leggings: Sonatta Morales, Pythonmania Legging Ash (MFW group gift; MFW ends today)
jewellery: Finesmith, Alexandra set, which also includes a necklace (thank you Yula for all the glamour you give us!)
skin: Curio, Moonbeam Light Jewel Black Diamond 2
smoke: Nikotin, Cig Lady Black/Black v3
hair: booN, ftn683 black
poses: Glitterati (probably retired)
location: Cupcake sim


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