Who’s your daddy?

I have been haunting Modavia Fashion Week, eating my heart out over an elegant Sonatta Morales ensemble, and searching for more affordable pleasures (as well as picking up the many group gifts). Persistence paid off, because Fhara Acacia of R.icielli set out several hot ensembles, each of which includes a killer outfit, a pair of kinky, heelless shoes, a Gaga-inspired Rhea skin with hairbase, and a sleek hair-piece and/or a runway-ready fascinator. The shoes themselves would regularly cost you 395L, and these complete ensembles are 450L. Do the math. (And then be grateful that at least one school-learnt skill is useful outside the classroom.) As if the R.icielli ensemble wasn’t enough, fashionably dead set out a roughed-up punk skin for 50L Friday. And Ms. Morales’s “pythonmania” gift for MFW included snakeskin leggings in multiple colours. I added these extras to the mix and voilà—an outfit guaranteed to startle even an animatronic deer.

What can I say about my choice of the most butch ensemble? What is wrong with me? Am I not a lady? Do I not naturally skew to cute and bohemian? Have I never mocked power dressing? Two answers spring to mind. It’s wonderful to be able to wear black leather in SL without also being half-naked. And, this is a perfect chance to pay homage to Noomi Rapace’s almost wordless performance as Lisbeth Salander in the court-room scene of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. As viewers we are torn: we get intense pleasure from Lisbeth’s defiant self-presentation as an ur-punk, but we also worry that she’s sabotaging herself, that even the truth isn’t going to be heard above the rattling of her chain necklaces.

Credits to creators
R.icielli, Complete Look 7 (at MFW: go now since I don’t know when it ends)
Items that don’t belong to the R.icielli outfit:
leggings: Sonatta Morales, Pythonmania Legging Ash
blonde hairdo: Miel, Mojito from the Blondes 2 pack
smudged-up skin: fd, Shark Morning Sun (yesterday’s 50L Friday item)
poses: SLC AO and marukin
location: oustide tram
there had to be GIMPage: Portia’s bewbs are out of control


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