The circus is in town

I was in a weird mood when I put this look together, overriding my internal critic by buying new stuff and going too dark. (A dagger nom has to be a bad sign, eh?) Portia’s hairdo is my first purchase from Analog Dog. In the past, I found that AD’s signature curls looked supernaturally buoyant, whereas with this style they look naturally heavy and sexy. Plus, the belt is genius for roleplay in multiple genres. Portia’s amazing skeleton hands tattoo is the Twisted Hunt gift from I.D. Her feathered hieroglyph-inscribed armband is discounted in glow studio’s current sale. And the 70L Glam Affair skin is available for one more week at The Dressing Room.

I think fashion bloggers are participating in a show-your-tuckus challenge. If this doesn’t reveal enough of Portia’s assets, I’m happy to comply with a closer view. Brutus Martinek very kindly sent me her new Wooden Leopard Bangles just when I was needing a touch of bondage to make this photo work. You will find a pack of two pairs of bangles at the new edition of Fahionably Late. Before signing off for the day, I should admit that I picked up Petrichor’s gift for the Macabre Hunt, a really ghoulish clown skin with a giant rack of sharp teeth, and it freaked me out so much that I had to make Portia all purty to wipe the image from my mind. And yet I couldn’t stay away from the circus theme. I recommend that you pick up the skin and try it out, but only in the light of day.

outfit: Milk Motion, My Hot Bodysuit (old TDR Blue)
skin: Glam Affair, Amelie Tan Silent Night (current TDR)
tat: I.D., The Deadliest Fairy tattoo (Twisted Hunt gift)
hair: Analog Dog, bound from the dark browns pack (NEW)
bangles: Pididdle, Wooden Leopard Bangles Fashionably Late (NEW; ty Brutus!)
cuff: glow studio, Egyptian Night Bangle
nom: Delicious, Dagger
boots: G Field, Vilada Black
pose one: still life, circus sideshow pack
pose two: Glitterati, nude (retired)
location: Fetish Circus


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