The exquisite Phedre set by ellabella is new for the Jewelry Fair. In addition to the nose chains/earrings you see here, there’s a matching circlet, necklace, ring, and face and lip piercings. Each item can be bought separately or you can pay 500L for the set. The face paint is just one of the strange delights to come out of Miss Shippe’s Studio. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use this makeup, and I’m glad that everything came together so beautifully.

I love the Get Yer Rocks Off poses from Just a Pose, which are designed to allow your avatar to show off her jewels. There’s also a pack of sitting poses. Portia wears my favourite ever Dutch Touch skin, Amber v2 in Dark, which is on sale right now. Until this sale started, I didn’t realize how repressed I’ve been as a DT customer, even as a VIP who gets discounts. So many skins wanted, so many skins self-denied. This, of course, is the case with all skins in SL. Don’t even get me started on shoes….

Credits to creators
NB: the Jewelry Fair LMs give you the actual locations of the stands. You will probably have to do one or two preliminary TPs before getting where you want to go. The Earth sim is impossible to navigate because it all looks the same, so keep these coordinates handy.
face paint: Miss Shippe’s Studio, Na Sadhu
skin: Dutch Touch, Amber v2 Dark PeachyLips CLB MO (high-res) [from the Basic pack]
piercings: ellabella, Phedre Nose Chains and Earrings (at Jewelry Fair)
bracelets and ring: EED, part of Kiowa Set Amber (available at Jewelry Fair; ty Sirena Penucca!)
scarf: Tokidoki, scarf from my aunt (gg; fee to join)
hair: LOQ, Ouzo in Mocha (TDR Blue)
dress: Sea Hole, Kahlala Maxi Dress
eyes: Poetic Colors, Classic Molten Chocolate
pose: Just a Pose, from the GYRO pt 2 pack (available at Jewelry Fair; ty Glam Boa!)


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