Uncle, I say

I caved. Like a racehorse on the nod. I laid out 1,000L on a MFW ensemble of new releases by LaGyo, LG Femme, and LG Concept. It was the fiscally responsible way of getting what poets would call more. Last week, I found Pleisure listed in the freebies section of a blogroll. That made me feel helpful and cheap at the same time, which was confusing. This week I just feel like the girl who gets to wear the extreme Lizaveta hat because she didn’t buy a sensible Tokidoki scarf. I am not a high-fashion person in real life, and I find the SL version just as alienating. And yet, it sometimes looks so good that I want to be able to wear a big hat without losing my capacity to do or think about anything else. Portia doesn’t have to labour or survive a subway ride, so she can get away with more more.

I can’t invest in mesh until I get decent performance from the Firestorm beta viewer, which works very slowly. But I can take advantage of the add function and dress up Keet, my latest skin purchase from Dutch Touch, site of a big sale. Keet is one of Iki Ikarus’ more recent faces, the sophisticated counterpart of Mensje and Fiep. The Fiep lipsticks are actually nicer than the pack keyed to Keet, so I layered on some Fiep lips, freckles and moles (my fave DT addon), and some kohl liner, plus *gasp* prim lashes, to get the growed-up look you see here. In case you didn’t know, Claim, the recent release from [e], includes a version with a cowboy hat and an alternate hat-free version that is middle-parted and beautifully shaggy. I <3 attack the Essentials pack.

from the MFW ensemble (NEW):
LaGyo, Elizaveta Hat Ivory
LaGyo, Zarena Gloves Brandy
LG Femme, Arina Shirt Lupine
LG Femme, Yana Belt Ivory
other items:
Dutch Touch, Keet Dark Olive Basic CLA with prim lashes and addons plus lipsticks from the Fiep Lipstick Pack sold separately
[e], Claim 2 Blonde 07 (NEW)
Sea Hole, Soto Cigarette Pants Chickory (NEW)
Tokidoki, teapot bag red
Just a Pose, from the Steppin Out pack (NEW; available at Jewelry Fair; ty Glam Boa!)


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