Let’s ride

Today Portia is wearing the supercool Caged Heart outfit, a gift from Coeur Noir, one of the up and coming labels featured at Modavia Fashion Week. I’ve not used the whole outfit because I’m a nutty minimalist. I didn’t attach the lower prim for the blouse because I wanted to show off the waist of the skirt. There’s also a pair of cool barbed-wire-wrapped evening-length gloves, as well as a bonus pair of high-waisted black slacks. The Mesa platforms by Epoque are not new but many creators used them for dramatic effect in their runway shows, so they are popping up in blogs. I bought mine to go with a Graves latex outfit that I shot at Insilico, but I hated my styling and my photos and felt so perplexed by the failure that I haven’t tried again. Its like I couldn’t find the “essence” of the outfit. Shooting this look at Insilico made me want to try again.

The bag by LaGyo comes in normal and exaggerated sizes and can be worn with or without the AO, which offers some lovely poses. The poses I used for this post are Casual Male poses, the latest from Apple Spice. I enjoy the unposed look of male poses, although they can be boring. Ms. Spice has included some more elaborate stances for men with more sophisticated body language.

Portia’s hair is new by MADesigns. I took one look at the Demi hair and knew it was time to go all Bladerunner on your as#es. I bought the Silvers pack instead of the black, because it gave me one black version of the hairdo and a range of greys and whites. Kudos for the smart colour packaging. Among hair creators, booN Saikin is the only other person I can think of who offers a pack with white, grey, and black. I don’t want a pack containing blueblack and purpleblack and ashblack. The differences don’t register in photos unless you fiddle with the lighting.

Credits to creators
Coeur Noir, Caged Heart (gift at MFW)
Epoque, Mesa Platforms Silver
Glam Affair, Amelie Skin Contessa TDR (not available)
MADesigns Hair, Demi from the Silver Tones pack
LaGyo, Nika bag Ivory
Aglaia, Bang Bang Baby (I think these were an even exclusive)
5th&Oxford, Leather Gloves Black
Apple Spice, Casual Male (thanks Ms. Spice!)
location: Insilico
Pix were GIMPed.


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