Do be blue

With all this week’s excitement about spending vast amounts of money on digital duds, I forgot that Portia could look pretty for free. Her LB dress is the deceptively innocent-looking Atmosphere Dress in Pink by Yuka Choco for Chocolate Atelier. Yuka herself is a babe and a half, so it makes sense that, properly filled out, this diaphanous gown with a glowing skirt would pass muster at any adult soirée. Portia’s jewels are all freebies: a cool square ring in wood from a batch by Purple Moon and the swinging multi-colour earrings by Aurora Borealis are Jewelery Fair gifts. The gorgeous necklace is a MFW group gift from AlaFolie. The group is free to join.

Catalina is a characteristically soft and serene new face from Apple May Designs. As usual, I am wearing the Gothly shade, which always makes me gasp when I put it on. It’s such a lovely mixture of white and pink fleshtones. I predict that the wicked custom eyelashes are going to sweep the grid.

Credits to creators
skin and lashes: AMD, Catalina Gothly Starburst 1 (NEW; thank you Apple May!)
dress: c.A., Atmosphere Dress Pink (LB; available to purchase in other colours)
hair: MADesigns, Demi Silver Tones 1 (NEW)
earrings: Aurora Borealis, Abby’s Choice (JF2011 gift)
ring: Purple Moon (aka PM), Noble Rings (JF2011 gift)
necklace: AlaFolie, LaTopasienne Collier perle et resine parme (MFW gift)
poses: PDA


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