Portia in pinwheels

Portia’s kimono with all the trimmings is a generous hunt gift from Kisetsu creator Nix Marabana. You must find five fans to have the complete outfit. (There are also five fans with pieces of a man’s outfit.) I am picky about kimono fabrics. I love the ones Marabana uses here for the wrong reason: they remind me of my 70s childhood. Sigh. Marabana includes in the gift detailed notecards explaining the significance of the various elements of the ensemble and of the choices you can make. I followed the option of dressing Portia in the version that denotes she is minarai, a geisha in training. I chose the dancing skirt instead of the everyday version. And then I went freestyle on the hair because using all of the decorations made Portia look like a float in a parade. (Minimalist me.)

The Kisetsu gift includes a skin makeup tattoo with only one lip painted, as befits a trainee. If you’re thinking this pic is meant to be arty, think again. The impressive stand of bamboo trees got me thinking about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon—I know, wrong country—and this distracted me from the banality of the parkland on the other side of my shot. It was so irksome that I had to paint it out in a rather crude fashion. GIMP howled.

Credits to creators
Kisetsu, Misedashi Hunt Gift
lamb, Lost Milk
pose one is in the Kisestsu kago (bag) and pose two is by Glitterati
location one is Japan Graffiti Sakai and location two is SwayLand, Pluto+


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