Touching down

It’s grab time. But not in a newb sex fiend sort of way. If you want Ires, a new copy/mod shape by AnnaA, for only 99L, you will have to grab it before Friday. I don’t think you need to fight off zombies to get to the vendor, but you may have to battle other gamers who want to look tiny and perfect and hella pouty. Ires is wearing Blue Blood’s gift for The Macabre Hunt, for which you must find an apple. I am crazy about this skirt and I hope that creator Ghanima Uriza uses it again very soon.

I don’t think of myself as a goth blogger. And yet my goth posts get far more hits than my straight fashion posts. Perhaps this means that there are many more subculture fashion fans trawling the feeds than there are fashionistas. Perhaps this means that the fashionistas hate my pix and never visit Pleisure. Perhaps it’s the fashionistas who are looking at my goth posts because they want a good laugh. Or because they secretly wish they could put on a set of wings and a pair of fangs in the name of fashion (baby). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who’s reading my blog. I’m just glad that you visit. And yeah, I’m realizing that I do have a deep dark side. Millions of gloomcookies can’t be wrong.

I want to thank Moca Loup at tram, Erin Winterwolf at Priss and Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel for their excellent customer service this week. (I’ve been reading Ruthed, and I live in fear of pushing someone over the edge with my issues. But sometimes the dog does eat my homework.)

Credits to creators
shape: AnnaA, Ires shape (Grab Time item, 99L till Friday; ty Anna A.!)
hair: Paper couture, Femme Fatale Bun Black (NEW and affordable, contains 3 buns and a harband)
outfit: Blue Blood, Faded Star (Macabre Hunt gift)
underneath: Kyoot, Addicted to Dopamine Harness
skin: PF, Skye Grey + Teeth (not available)
bleed tat: nestle my bosom, Nose Bleed (old hunt gift)
wings: Favole, Fallen (old Twisted Hunt gift)
ring: EED, part of Kiowa Amethyst set (NEW chunky goodness; ty Sirena P.!)
shoes: R.icielli, Tate Shoes Totally Black Python (NEW)
pose 1: Apple Spice, from the Rock Star poses pack (ty Apple S.!)
pose 2: Luth, Burlesque [shot at It’s Only Fashion, where the public can use the studio]

What do you think?

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