A fine mist

Somehow my image of Emery’s retro city chic ended up hippied out and half drowned. I was hoping that since I am not an Emery blogger, I’d have different items to show you. But no, we have all turned up wearing the same sweater. It’s the standout in an appealing array of beautifully textured and perfectly scaled cardis. I pledge to go back and try to choose something that no one else has blogged. I have to say that I am feeling fokked up about bloggers’ gifts. So many people are getting great stuff, and I am not. And yet when I think about asking, I don’t do it because I can’t 100% promise to blog everything I’m sent. In all the months I’ve been doing this, in over 580 posts, I’ve sent out a total of three unsolicited requests to creators I really love. It was hard to do. And none of them responded. Even solicited requests sometimes yield no response. So I am superextrahyper grateful to the creators who have sent me their work on spec, or said yes to requests, or just said a polite no so that I don’t end up feeling like a stalker…who smells bad…and has only three teeth and one good eye.

I love the eye makeup on the Mons gift skin. This is the most adult face Portia has worn in ages. I softened it with Burley’s luscious carpet of hair, which, as you can see, can be worn superlong or shoulder length. To my eye, the shades in Burley’s line are quite ashen. I’d like to see some purer tones. That said, I am looking forward to seeing these cool and quirky hair stylings evolve.

Credits to creators
cardi: Emery, Oversize Cardigan Carmin Pearl
top: Emery, part of Dress Gradient 05 (past TDR Blue item)
skin: Mons, Subscribe Group Gift Skin
hair: Burley, Ana Browns pack
jeans: Fab.Pony, Chloe Jeans Vintage
shoes: G Field, Strap Shoes Alex pastel 5 pack (colour change fat pack)
necklace: glow studio
poses: Olive Juice, Hipster Male pack
location: Cadeling Garden, Karazhan
some GIMPage was perpetrated


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