Songstress of the Southwest

Nevery Lorakeet of LpD recently released a sexy-cute western ensemble that combines a fringed vest and matching boots with a tube dress, all in neutral colours or pale pink. Usually, I loathe and fear western themes, but these boots looked so trail-ready that I leapt into the inventory saddle and rounded up some coordinating wardrobe cattle. Both my models are wearing long suede skirts from MichaMi, which feature a beautiful twist seam running down the front. They come with a butt-be-gone alpha, but a skirt shape worked just fine for Portia, and Sticks, seen here, is naturally slim since she’s from Mother Goose’s.

I don’t need to tell you that I stalk the Lucky Boards at TSG. I have a bit of a fetish for underye bags in SL skins, and some of the TSG faces feature excellent renderings of this quirky detail. In case you didn’t know, the sexy Claim hairdo by [e] comes with cowboy hat and hatless versions in one pack. You can see that the colour-change hat is nicely textured as straw.

When I shot these pics, my models looked as if they were floating in space. I made one attempt at creating a cast shadow. Had a stiff drink. And then I improvised a look of groundedness by smearing the shoe colour into the earth and going nuts with the confetti brush in GIMP. Yessum, all that nicely textured sand is my doing. I’m always pleased when I come up with a nutty solution to a pictorial problem.

Portia wears the same kimono that everyone else bought and loves from tres blah. If I had this in RL I would never leave my atelier. The sexy-fresh Jesylilo skin, which boasts a charming run of underye stitches, is available at the current GSP. The pouch necklace is the September group gift from EED, but it’s still available. Join fee is 5L. I have a feeling that fashionistas will love the similar, more colourful pouches in aboriginal patterns available in the store.

Credits to creators
Sticks wears
outfit: LpD, Oh Susanna Outfit Black and Beige (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
boots: LpD, Oh Susanna Boots Black (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
skin: TSG, Stella in Zissis BabyPink (LB)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna [available in either skin pack]
hair: [e], Claim Red 05
necklace: Trident, Raven Wing Necklace (Macabre Hunt gift)
skirt: MichaMi, Suede Skirt in Black
tights: imbue, pinkeh feather tights
bodysuit: sur+, before dark pink (store is closed)

Portia wears
kimono: tb, Relaxed Kimono Birds (NEW)
skin: jesylilo, GSP Tan Skin 7 Shiny (NEW; current GSP; ty Lilo Glom!)
hair: tram, A815 amber
shoes: FlaxPye, Sadowara Black/Brown (a hunt gift, but I forget which hunt)
skirt: MichaMi, Suede Skirt in Brown
tee: Fishy Strawberry, Revolutionary tee beige
necklace one: EED, Malachite Medicine Pouch (recent group gift; ty Sirena Penucca!)
necklace two: EY:NO, Dragonfly Necklace
bangles: EED, Jeweled Bangles (Jewelry Fair gift, now a LB)

poses: teasoup, My Acoustic (store is closed)
location: Evangeline NE Space Station 1
pics were GIMPed, but not the faces of the skins


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