Do something nice for your booty

This is the gloomiest butterfly picture ever shot by anyone in the world. But let’s pretend we’re not disturbed and focus on Portia’s caboose. She’s wearing the grey-and-olive shorts from AMD’s new London outfit, which comes with a lowcut white tank top with spaghettti straps. The shorts not only look like high quality tweed and leather. They also make magical mounds out of digital derrieres.

AMD’s special edition Zoey skin is part of the new VIP group gift, a pack containing one makeup in each skin tone. Portia’s sexy hair-with-hat is from Moca Loup at tram. It is only available through Choice!2011. You will find all the info you need, and some cute translation glitches, on the website. I should warn you that I did pick up the human-scale panda avatar. So the gloomiest ever panda photo could be coming next on Pleisure. Cemetery sound like a good location or should I just go straight to the grave?

Credits to creators
skin: AMD, Zoey Pale Variety Gift (VIP gg, join fee; ty Apple May!)
hair: tram, Choice!2011 hat hair/Brown(Peacock)
shorts: AMD, part of London outfit (NEW; ty Apple May!)
sweater: Epic, Baggy Fleece Sweater Chocolate
turtleneck: fri., Basic Turtleneck Red
booties: Kookie, Pipp Earth Pack
poses: Lauria, Butterflies 1
these pix were GIMPed


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