Will you put my hands away?

Today Pleisure highlights slick new cyberesque latex from Sn@tch. I am not even going to mention that Lo looked so hot all dressed up as a submissive that I took her picture in all sorts of poses and neglected to save my customized Windlight setting, which I could not reproduce, no matter what I tried—including standing on one leg and humming the Internationale—for the pics of Portia. Who ended up looking like a creepy bored clown instead of a beautiful sweaty sub.

As I was saying, Ivey Deschanel recently released a pack of latex tops and pants in black, red, pink, purple, blue, green and teal. (The pack includes a collar and scrunched-up cuffs for the pants, which I am not showing. See above re distraction.) The new Jesylilo skin and Red Mint hair are perfect complements to Sn@tch’s brilliant red crop top. Even better, they’re both group gifts.

The photo shoot with Portia wasn’t completely vanilla. This was, after all, my first time experimenting with mesh. While I admire the dramatic Sebastianne hair from Wasabi Pills— which also comes in a male version—neither the latest Firestorm Beta nor the official SL viewer is stable. I crashed so many times in each viewer that I thought this po would never st. This is a shame, because the fetish world needs mesh corsets and boots like rabbits need carrots lady rabbits.

Apple Spice is the kinky creator behind the Sub Pet poses that Portia models here and on the Pleisure Flickr. As you can see, the pack includes more than your standard nadu and bracelets poses. I’m not sure what Portia is doing with her hand over her crotch. Perhaps she’s feeling around for one of the Cheetos she fumbled when our favourite, Kayla, was sent to emergency on America’s Next Top Model.

Credits to creators
Many thanks to Ivey Deschanel, Lilo Glom, Cameron Vasiliov, Apple Spice and MissAllSunday Lemon for the review copies.
Lo wears
top: Sn@tch, part of Wired Latex Suit Red (NEW)
dress: Beautiful Dirty Rich, Bitchy Black (Hardcore Hunt gift)
catsuit: MD, Latex Catsuit (freebie)
skin: Jesylilo, Halloween Light Skin (gg)
prim lashes: amperlope, kapow (not available)
tat lashes: Meghindo’s, Lashes No. 1
hair: r(m), Hair No 14 (gg)
collar: SD Wears, Twisted Hunt Collar (old hunt gift)
ballet boots: Forsaken, part of the Tortured Alice av
binder: Dari’s Haus, Locking Binder SL2 (don’t pay for this on Marketplace; find it here in a colorable version, and don’t forget to pick up the AO as well)
pose pics one and two: hmaem, from the Escape Myself pack (not available)
pose pic five: Apple Spice, Sub Pet Poses (NEW)

Portia wears
top and pants: Sn@tch, Wired Latex Suit Black (NEW) [socks not included]
underneath: Mimikri, Allure Bodysuit Black
hair: Wasabi Pills, Sebastianne Mesh Hair Jellyfish (NEW; MESH WARNING MESH)
skin: Nuuna, Kadri Skin (44L at 4.44.444)
lip tat: Damned, BlackLacet Lips
eye makeup: Aura, Fan Girl Noir Navy
belt: Pepper, Hip Belt Black
collar: CheerNo, Maso Collar (past special event item)
boots: HouseofFox, Arch Spine Boots Black (past hunt gift)
cuffs: Coeur Noir, part of Caged Heart (Modavia FW gg)
pose pic three: Glitterati, Beauty 3 pack (at 4.44.444)
pose pic four: Apple Spice, Sub Pet Poses

location: Insilico South


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