Apple in your eye

This week Heather Beebe released Rockberry’s Apple skin with Frx. If you don’t know what “frx” stands for, you haven’t been playing SL for very long. Or you are a hater of the spots that pepper some people’s bodies and faces with traces of sunshine and chocolate. Apple is available in four skin tones: Light, Natural, Tan and Dark. I’m showing you makeups in Light and the body in Tan.

Apple comes in a ton of makeups, with kohl-rimmed, frosty-shadowed eyes. Most of the lips are pale and pretty, with some smoking-hot exceptions like the ruby red shown here. Portia wears the cleavage version that makes her boobs kiss. The non-cleavage version, shown below, is more realistic (says the woman who wears slings instead of proper bras).

rckbodysm Apple’s freckles cover only her face, chest and upper arms. This looks a bit odd, but it’s accurate, if you wear very low-cut tops all summer long or while you work in the fields. (I checked myself for reference; my tops are obviously way too modest.) As you can see, Apple has a lovely belly and a cute belly-button. Please note that I GIMPed down the bloated shoulders in these pics, so the freckles look stretched in places.

SLadies love butt dimples. These may also be accurate to RL. But I’m too trapped under my laptop to check.

Thanks to Heather Beebe and Emily Kaestner for review copies!
March 2013: This post is oddly popular, so I have edited the size of Portia’s face in the longshot. I couldn’t stand the thought of visitors looking at a pic as ugly as the original. (Remember to always demo skins. Bloggers ain’t entirely candid.)

Credits to creators
Day look
Rockberry, Apple L LightFrxBRN
69, GISUC Mauve (store closing; 150L per colour pack)
Epoque, hairbase chili
Pink Outfitters, Sera Cropped Military Jacket (TSOL Hunt gift)
The Sea Hole, Tuxedo Bib Blouse Lilac

Night look
Rockberry, Apple C LightFrxBLD/CLV
tram, A817 hair maroon
Diapop, Tube Top (old Poupee Hunt gift)

Laundry day look
Rockberry, Apple A TanFrxBLD
Croire, Ingenious Eyes (fatpack exclusive color, available at 4.44.444)
Kyoot, Soft Words Lingerie White
vive9, Wang in Ginger
Rama Rowanberry, Dead Friend Ring Left


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