Fleisch & Fleshtone

The new Fleshtone collection from Gisele Mubble and StevenZuuh GossipGirl is all about feminine shapes, touchable textures, vivid colours, and, of course, the beauty of black. Fashionistas have already snapped up the Vendetta Wedges, which come with white and black sock options. We need these in more colours!

You’re probably wondering why I shot these outfits with livestock and may even suspect me of being avant-garde. The simple fact is that I took a fancy to the beast at RaMa Rowanberry, and the vultures I encountered accidentally at La Malvada Mujer seemed like an appropriate, albeit uncute, counterpart. I made some artier versions of my photos and was very tempted to use them here, but they obscured the clothes, so I’ve posted them on the Pleisure Flickr. I was particularly excited to find the rain overlay at Pixlr.com, which revealed to me that the internets might help me make better pictures. What can I say? My Mom never took me aside so we could have the talk. About the 21st century.

Credits to creators
Thank you Steven and Gisele for the review copies!

Look one
Fleshtone, Marie Dress Black (NEW)
Fleshtone, StillYoungTights (NEW)
Fleshtone, Vendetta Wedges Purple Black Sock (NEW)
Plastik, Recluse Collar Bound Leather Black Rela
Dutch Touch, Jaliah dark basic cl3 ebblack mo fr
Paper Couture, Femme Fatale Bun Black
pose, PDA

Look two
Fleshtone, FurSweater Black
Fleshtone, skirt from TuckedIn Dress
Fleshtone, Vendetta Wedges Nude Black Sock (NEW)
Fleshtone, Bom Snake Leather Tote Pink
Illusory, Skin Paige Honey Naturally Neon (former Collabor88 item)
Dutch Touch, Yri Lipstick SerieA Nr 2
[69], Libby 01 Might Mocha
pose, marukin (at 4.44.444)


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