Endless summer of the wardrobe damned

Today I left my house without checking the proportions and palette of my outfit in the mirror. I knew I looked like a clown and that I couldn’t do anything about it because I just cannot handle the change of seasons. I don’t remember what I wore during the last cool-weather season. What’s worse, I threw out a lot of things when I moved in June and reorganized my drawers according to a logic I no longer grasp. It took me half an hour to conclude that I now own only three pairs of non-wool socks, two of them novelty styles I bought in NYC years ago (Strawberry rules okay), one of them earmarked for special occasions. Instead of happily slipping back into my hot-days duds for this week’s Indian summer, I despaired at the pile of laundry that dates back to mid-September and panic bought some marine blue linen culottes.

I have lots of fall outfits to show you, and yet I just had to have both of the bright new Mashup dresses by Blah. (Buyer beware: the glitch pants for the Blah dresses do not provide any c*ntverage, and the no-mod shirt layer is too short for the models I used in this post.) My RL wardrobe fumbles inspired this SLook of transition-dressing fail. It is just plain wrong to throw a jacket, boots and tights on with a summer dress. That said, I will probably still be wearing the marine blue linen culottes in November…with a pair of black boots. (If I get my boots fixed. If I can find my boots.) I enjoyed putting this look together, partly because I love the individual items, but also because I let myself get shape-curious. This beauty is new from Sauce at Collabor88. Her nosebleed is one of Miss Shippe’s tats at 4.44.444, which ends on October 14.

Now, this is not more like it! The last thing I want to do is hold on so tight to the summer that I end up looking like some gorgeous blonde sexpot…. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I mean to say that it would be dysfunctional to prance around in nothing but high-heel sandals and a tight short dress at this time of year. Or at any time of year, if you’re me. (Can you see why I’m confused?)

Today’s beauty # 2 is Abie by Salt and Pepper, and she costs only 100 little lindens at GSP, where you will also find the 60L pack of lip stripes by Pekka. I wanted both of these items. I didn’t want sweaters and scarfs. I’m glad I followed my unseasonal bliss. It was a good day to turn my av into a sexy grungette. Kept me out of the laundry room, for one thing.

Credits to creators
Transition fail look
dress: Blah, My Mashup Dress Acqua Violet (NEW; yesterday’s SNF)
shape: sauce, frozen strawberry daiquiri (NEW at Collabor88)
tights: North West, Ruba Tights Purple from the Soft Pack (latest 50L Friday)
hair: fd, Mary’s Magic Hat Brunette Burn (latest 50L Friday)
skin: Curio, Petal Dark Chic Flair 1 [beautiful, eh?]
bleed: Miss Shippe’s Studio, More than Allergies Nosebleed (4.44.444 item)
glasses: Psycho:Byts, Geek Evolution pack (colour-change; ty Psikotik Gothly!)
boots: Mon Tissu, Provence Riding Boots Chestnut
scarf: Mr. Poet, Wide Scarf (gift; if you don’t have this colour-change and resizable scarf, you are a doofus)
jacket: sur+, Dusty Road
bag: HouseofFox, PS1 Suede Satchel Turquoise (old gift)
poses: marukin and !bang

Only in SL look
dress: Blah, My Mashup Dress Fucsia/Lime (NEW; yesterday’s SNF)
shape: Salt and Pepper, Shape Abie (GSP 6)
skin: PF, Elly Sugar Gloom (old exclusive)
lipline: Pekka, Kere Lipline teal (NEW; GSP 6)
tat: Nana, Candy Pink Tatto (NEW; ty Nana)
hair: [69], Bell 01 Light Mocha (on sale)
shoes: N-Core, Eternity Dots Edition (gg)
bag: Leo-NT, Vintage Summerbag (VIP gift; fee to join)
panties: DT, Hipster Pink
poses: SoO, Hipster Poses

How do I get their eyes to stop rolling around? gi inc, Auto Focus v1.0 (thanks to Cajsa L. for the tip)
I GIMPed, over and over and over


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