Steffy Ghost has style in spoons. You may know her from the blog Pratukessaibas, where she showcases her eclectic looks in impressive photos. (Honestly, choosing good adjectives is a zero-sum game in this pseudo-journalistic genre. Yes, Steffy Ghost is quirky and edgy and a bit of an oddball, but I bet she hates hearing that.) Ms. Ghost is also the creator behind Jack Spoon and has just opened her first inworld outpost on the Chic sim. Because the line is experimental, Jack Spoon is priced affordably bordering on insanely. Portia’s puff-sleeved floral blouse, for instance, is only 50L, and the bodysuit shown below is 14L for two colours. You’ll find a few Jack Spoon items online in the Marketplace that are not in the store and vice versa. And there are three items at 4.44.444.

As you can see, I tried to be a little oddballer than usual, while still keeping things coherent and current. (The unmatched shoes gave me gas. Flexible and creative are not my middle names.) The absence of pants or tights is deliberate, not a timid WASPy fail to add another pattern or colour. I really like the idea of walking around SL in a bodysuit, a cardigan and shoes. That guarantees you sex appeal with warmth and comfort, while also giving you the option to go alternative or mainstream, depending on your mood, with your shoes.

Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy is holding a 60% off sale on individual skins. (Fat packs and shapes are not included.) The sale is in honour of her birthday, which was yesterday, so it could end at any minute. Today, both of my models are wearing a delicately coloured Dorothy skin named Bian.

Credits to creators
Crosseyed much?
blouse: Jack Spoon, Santana Shirt Orange/Blue
necklaces: NuDoLu, Portrait du Matriochka (new gg)
pants: Milk Motion, My Highwaist dots pants (current TDR Blue)
hair: OH, Alex Chestnut
skin: My UglyDorothy, Bian L06
lip tat: Pekka, Kere Lipline sky
lashes: AMD, came with Catalina skin
shoes: FIR & MNA, The Ashford Brogues Neon (fatpack at 4.44.444)
ring left: Pepper, Pieces Ring [modded]
ring right: Ticky Tacky, Mama’s Little Binky Ring (not available)
poses: PDA, for Collabor88

Searching for socks
bodysuit: Jack Spoon, Nikki Bodysuit Gold
jacket: C’est la vie, Jacket Wool(check orange) (3,000 members gg)
necklace: Forever9, Bomb Necklace (NEW! thank you!)
shape: My UglyDorothy, Shape04
skin: My UglyDorothy, Bian L06
moles: DT, Moles addon
shoes: Fir & MNA, The Ashford Brogues Neon (fatpack at 4.44.444)
hair: SLink, Angel Hair Caramel
Pose: RaMa Rowanberry, nivea 24


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