Colour-blocked in both lives

The first step was unusually easy. I hit the mute button on my superego and bought an expensive Mon Tissu jacket in yellow. Not black. Which, my superego was yelling, would have been more practical. Practical, as if in Second Life I need something to wear to work several days a week that won’t show the dirt. Superego muted, I also bought the expensive straw hat I’d wanted all summer and toddled off to pair the two new purchases with the Sea Hole’s plum culottes from the Collabor88 hunt. Styled the look, shot the photos. Found it all deplorable. I looked at the jacket again, stilled my thoughts, and discovered that my id was whispering “cherry red,” “mini skirt,” “electric blue,” “high-heels.” In short, “colour-block it, baby. And don’t bother with panties.” /me lights a cigarette. Gotta love the id. It’s always on trend.

I shopped the My UglyDorothy sale, on a one-skin budget, and was excited to find Peper, which boasts intense fruit-flavour-candy-coloured makeups. I changed Portia’s hair to Clawtooth for this pic because I shot the LeLutka hairdo with a skin by My UglyDorothy last month. And because there’s really no need for consistency when it comes to images that bear no relationship to reality. I change eyes and tinker with lighting in the middle of shoots all the time, and none of you has noticed it, let alone suffered.

Speaking of suffering, here’s an RL version of colour-blocking: a pie chart showing the distribution of wealth in the United States. The article from which I stole the chart is “Eat the Rich” by Brian Holmes. Because I’ve spent most of my life in a classroom (and will continue to do so unless I marry well enough to shut them all down, I say, ironically), I’ve been paying close attention to the role that education debt is playing in Occupy Wall Street initiatives. In California, friends of my friends are calling for coordinated default on student loans and for the kinds of longterm communal support that defaulters would require. I’d be more likely to argue for debt forgiveness. And for the most obvious step: rolling back tuition increases so that education is not a ticket to penury or the privilege of the wealthy. The International Student Movement is doing amazing things around the world. When’s the last time you walked out of a classroom for a good reason?

Credits to creators
jacket: Mon Tissu, Wool Blend Jacket Yellow (NEW)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Peper013
shoes: Fleshtone, Vendetta Wedges Purple White Sock (NEW; ty creators!)
pants: Leo-NT, Sugar-Butt Skinny (VIP gg; fee to join)
top: Coeur Noir, part of Caged Heart outfit (recent MFW gift)
hair pic one: LeLutka, Pinned Praline
hair pic two: Clawtooth, Mystery Classic Brunette
poses: !bang, Stands 197 and 199
location: My UglyDorothy

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