Will it always be greek to me?

Every once in a while I find myself resenting the fact that I am not beautiful enough to earn a living as a high-end call girl. (If “high end” is too evocative a term in relation to sex work, we can sub in “elite.”) Nietzsche would say that I’m just upset that no one wants me because I’m not pretty. He’d say it’s not the tyranny of beauty and capital that bugs me. It’s me that bugs me. But Nietzsche would also recognize my ressentiment and possibly encourage me to use SL to explode it. As in detonating a storm of viscera and high heels that besmirch and maim the beautiful people. To make this more concrete, I should say that I am still conflicted about looking SLutty, partly because it’s so hard to look genuinely sexy SLutty. The most erotic bodies are the ones that have been bent into new shapes by unusual clothing, meaning that we always need new styles. Last month, I was disappointed to realize that the N-Core shoes I used to think of as naughty and enticing now just look like a pair of open-toed sandals. Lucky for us, Nuria Augapfel released the impeccably crafted fu*k-me-and-my-twin-sister Ultraplatform pumps. Wouldn’t you know I’d fumble the opportunity to look hella hot by buying the shoes in sensible-for-fall brown leather instead of red patent? Then combine them with a virgin-sacrifice-type dress, a sun-burnt skin, and the type of high-concept hat that makes simple-minded men loathe fashion and sophisticated women ji*z…in their souls. (There’s gotta be a connection in those reactions.) At least I got the hair right.

Credits to creators
dress: ColorMeHof, ASimpleDress Cream (NEW; special guest designer item available for 125L at Chantkare Basics)
shoes: N-Core, Ultraplatform Bordeaux (NEW)
hair: Analog Dog, Tangled from the Blacks pack (can be worn without the fall)
skin: al vulo, annarella do not say a word, that is not love GSP (former GSP item)
hat: LaGyo, Elizaveta Hat Ivory
cuffs: Osakki, Osakki, Hamur (recent gg for MFW)
pose: Olive Juice, from the Hipster Male pack
location: Humanoid

What do you think?

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